Introducing DabTabs – the simplest way yet to medicate. DabTabs are pharmaceutical grade tablets containing whole extract cannabis oil. Each tablet is manufactured to deliver a known dose. These tablets can take effect in as little as 30 minutes, though like all oral dosing, allow up to 2 hours for the full effect to be felt.

DabTabs Indica & DabTabs Sativa

These DabTabs are made with whole extract cannabis oil derived from either Indica or Sativa strains. Each tablet is formulated to deliver 10mg or 20mg of THC.

DabTabs CBD

These tablets are formulated with oil from CBD-rich, low-THC marijuana strains (AC/DC, Charlotte’s Web, Oracle). Each tablet contains 10mg of CBD and less than 1mg of THC.

DabTabs Rise-n-Shine

These handy tablets each contain 10mg of Sativa THC, 100mg caffeine, 50mg ginseng, and 50mg Ginkgo biloba.

DabTabs Knock-Out

DabTabs Knock-Out are designed to do just that with 10mg Indica THC and 2mg Melatonin.